To Chapter Members:
Each member of Sigma Chi Iota will receive a lifetime membership in recognition of their career services initiatives demonstrated during their collegiate achievements.  The survival of the organization is based on the intake of members.  The honors society benefits by career networking opportunities, new resources and reliable feedback from an ever-evolving job market.

Sigma Chi Iota will host an annual new membership Induction ceremony for each chapter.  The event provides a fun-filled opportunity for the formal introduction of each new member, the keynote speaker, presentation of awards, and scholarships. Click here to join

To Career centers:
Sigma Chi Iota offer career centers valuable student insight, involvement, and help for career services initiatives.  Career Centers benefit from increased awareness on campus, student-oriented programming, and creating a connection between the students and employers.

To the Institutions:
Sigma Chi Iota ultimately seeks to improve the quality of student at each institution through career services initiatives, such as job development, career counseling, and employers relations.

The focus of the honors society is to bridge the gap between academia and gainful employment.

Satisfying college and university need to increase community involvement and student outcome is the final product of the honors society.

Chapter Support
It will be the responsibility of the National Foundation (established by the Board of Advisors) to maintain contact with the leadership teams of chapters throughout the United States. its funds will be used to allocate materials needed for new membership induction ceremonies, develop new programs, and assist with scholarship funds for all perspective chapters. All membership revenue will be reported to the National Foundation for budgeting and recording expenditures.